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Tom Tr Vanle

Founder & Principal Architect

OAA, RAIC, Architect

Architecture is a form of inhabited space that moves the client deeply when they are interacting with it.

Construction details will be remembered for the service, not the fee.

Customer service is the accuracy of the documents and drawings provided to the construction site.

In 2001, T. VanLe and his associates established their practice in the City of Toronto. This young and dynamic firm has quickly positioned itself to focus on residential, commercial and institutional projects that demand distinct architectures in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). 


Tom Tr. Vanle B.Arch, M.Arch, OAA, RAIC.


Tom received his Master of Architecture from University of Toronto 1983. After an internship with WZMH at Toronto office and Sedun Kanerva Architects, he then worked with a prominent development architect, Ken Viljoen, for over a decade. During those years as a designer, a critic, and contract administrator, he earned recognition as an expert in the field of residential and commercial developments.


Vanle Architect Inc. strives to work directly for land owners, builders, and developers to provide them not only with excellent designs and but also with the best customer service.

About Us


Site Plan Approval: This involves staff consultation, public consultation hearings, obligation negotiations, design, and site plan approval.

Building Permits: We design the project to meet zoning requirements, health, fire, and structural safety standards.

Lot Severance: A severance describes the legal process involved to divide a piece of land to form a new lot or parcel of land. A feasibility study is completed to evaluate the potential success of lot severance.

Feasibility Study: We can complete evaluation and analysis of the potential of a proposed project. This scope includes site evaluation, building and zoning regulation reviews. Site and building programming is documented to outline the desired interior and exterior spaces.


New Residential, Commercial And Mixed-Use Projects

this includes apartments, stack townhouses, commercial spaces, and mixed-use projects.

New Custom-Built Homes

custom-built homes ranging from 1 million to 5 million in construction value.

Building Addition/Renovation

projects intended to increase floor area through renovations, extensions, and additional floors.

Garden Suites

Toronto's new addition to the official plan allowing for a second residential building on an existing property.


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